The domain is the web identifier of your online training platform, and where users can access it. By default, when you contract your LMS with Foxize Cloud, we use [your project name] as the domain for your platform. It is made up of a subdomain [project name] and a main domain [].

If you want to use your own custom domain, you will need to follow the steps explained below.


What is a domain? It is the unique and exclusive name that is assigned to your web page on the Internet. Thanks to the domain that you have linked to your website, those users who search for you on the internet by the name of your website will easily find you and can access your content.

*If you already have a personal domain that you want to use for your platform, you can skip this first step.

**In the event that you already have your own domain and want to create a subdomain, you must do so through your provider. Once created, proceed to step 2.

¿How to create your own domain?

To create your domain, you will need to buy it from a provider. There are different platforms where you can buy them, including Nominalia, Arsys, Godaddy, DirectNic, CDMON… In it you can search for the name you want to give to your domain and buy it. The purchasing process is different for each supplier.

Here’s a example from Godaddy:


What is a DNS? It is a database that links meaningful names that we all understand to a specific IP address.

You must configure your domain to redirect to your Foxize Cloud platform.

You will find a domain manager on your provider’s website. In it, you must configure an option for you new domain called “DNS”.

Each domain provider has different procedures to do it, this is an example of what you can find:

  1. Click on the DNS button of your new domain

  1. A list with different terms will appear. You must modify the CNAME type (www). To do this, click on the pencil.

  1. Once done, a form will appear. In the “Points to” section, enter the domain of your old Foxize Cloud platform ([Name-of-your-project] Click the save button to finish the process.


Once you have configured the DNS, you should contact to tell us the name of your domain.


Now it is our turn. We must install a secure SSL certificate for your domain. We do it through AWS Certificate Manager and we are going to need your collaboration.

For this step, ACM provides us with 2 ways to do it:

1- DNS Validation

In this case, you will have to create the records indicated by Amazon.

2- Email Validation

You will receive an email that you should open. The email will be one of the following:

-       administrator@your_domain_name

-       hostmaster@your_domain_name

-       postmaster@your_domain_name

-       webmaster@your_domain_name

-       admin@your_domain_name

If you have control over any of these emails, this would be the recommended method.

In the case of validation by email, Amazon will email all the addresses mentioned above. You must follow the instructions in this email.

Once validated, Amazon will issue the certificate, and it can be used on the platform.


Once these steps are completed, we will proceed to install the new domain in a maximum of 72 hours.

Remember: the domain personalization is included in the Advanced, Pro and Enterprise plans. For users of the Start plan, this service has a cost of € 90. 

Once configured, we will inform you via email so that you can access your platform with your new domain.

If you have any questions, you can contact us through the “Help” tab in your platform or by writing an email to: