Who is your school aimed at? Who will be your students? Individuals with an interest in training on their own, the workers of your company or clients? Be that as it may, the Foxize Cloud LMS platform can adapt to your needs. 

There are two types of platform that you can create with Foxize Cloud: public web or closed web.

Public websites allow any type of user to enter your website and consult all pages, including courses. Anyone can register with your school, take tests and enroll in courses. This web format is ideal for training platforms that want to market their courses.

When an unregistered user enters the web, they will see the main page of your school and will be able to navigate through the different pages of your menu: courses, tests, on your platform ... or any page that you have active. When a person wants to register for a course or see the result of a test, they must register on the platform. Once the session is started, you will be able to access your user profile with all the information on the courses registered and the tests taken.

On the other hand, closed websites, also known as Intranet, only allow those registered with a certain email termination to enter the website. Intranets are used to offer company training or for a specific work team. 

How does the Intranet work? From your school's backoffice you can link up to a maximum of 10 email terminations. People whose email does not have one of these endings will not be able to access the training platform. 

When a person logs into your school for the first time, they will see only the registration home page. You will not be able to see the course catalog or the other pages that you have configured in your training platform. Once the people with the pre-established terminations have registered, they will access the platform with the course catalog and others.

Do you already know what type of website best suits your needs? To change the access format to your training platform, you just have to go to settings> domain and accessibility of your backoffice and activate one of the two options: public web or closed web.