When a course with limited capacity is sold out, meaning all available places have been filled, you have the possibility to activate the "Waiting list" option.

This option allows users to sign up to the course waiting list, who will be notified when a new place is available. 

This option is very useful for both users, to keep them informed of the availability, and for the platform’s administrators, which allows them to know the demand for the course and to consider making future editions or not.

Let's see step by step how to activate this new function in your backoffice.

1. Activate the option "Waiting list"

Access the "Training and complements" section within "Settings'' in your backoffice and activate the "Waiting list management" box.

In this way, once a course with limited capacity is complete, the "Enroll" button on the course file will be automatically transformed to "Notice of availability".

When the user clicks the button, a new pop-up window will appear asking if they want to be added to the waiting list.

You can see the complete list of users on the waiting list in the section "Daily management> Course capacity> Waiting list". You can use the "Filter" option to search by type or name of course, among others.

2. Free up places

When a person, for whatever reason, wants to drop out from one of the courses, they must send a message to the contact email of your training platform. Then, the platform administrators have to manually unsubscribe them. 

To do this, go to the section "Daily management> Registrations" and search for the user who wants to cancel their registration, using the filter option available.

Once you find it, click the “Change Status” option in the “Actions” column, and then choose “Cancellation”.

When you save the new status, a place will be released and an email will be automatically sent to all the people on the waiting list.

You can personalize the email from "Daily settings> Marketing> Email templates".

Another way to free up places for the course is to increase the capacity in the course edition. 

To do that, access "Daily Management> Courses", and in the action column select "Editions". Once you have found the edition, click on the option "Edit edition", also in the action column, to change the maximum capacity. 

3. Enroll users manually

When you release a place and the automatic email is sent, the first one to sign up for the course will be the one who gets the place.

If you want a specific person to have access to the place (for example, the first on the waiting list), you must first make a manual registration and then cancel the registration of the student who has requested it. 

To do this, go to “Daily settings> Course capacity> Waiting list” and, in the action's column, select the option “Inscription”. Enter the necessary information (username, payment, course edition ...) and save.

Then remove the person who wants to unsubscribe from the course.

By doing this, the course will continue to appear as sold out and the automatic email will not be sent to the waiting list.