Why create an online school?

If you still have doubts about why you should start your own online school, we give you 4 reasons to do so.


1. Create a new line of business

Lifelong learning has become a model of life for many. The need to update ourselves means that the demand for training beyond school and university is increasing, especially in the situation we are currently experiencing.

Setting up an online school is starting a new branch in your business. Training can be a new source of passive income, but that is not the only advantage. You will also be creating added value to your business and gaining authority in the topics you teach. 

2. Build loyalty to your customers

Offer training on your services or products to regular customers as a reward for their loyalty or to new potential customers to encourage their purchase. In addition to building loyalty, you will gain authority in the matter and you will be able to generate a new, very wide network of contacts that can lead to new business opportunities. 

3. Boost your team

Professional life has also become a continuous learning experience. New tech knowledge and soft skills are needed to develop internal talent. Many leading companies incorporate training into their Human Resources program.

There are 3 main reasons to train your team: The first is that it increases the motivation and productivity of the team; the second, improving the skills of the team also improves the competitive advantage of the company, and thirdly, it increases employability. 

4. Update and digitize your school

You may already have your own online school for a long time. Technology advances and new tools and formats appear that facilitate the creation and management of online courses. Now is the time to consider updating the LMS platform to save time and money and invest in your school and business. 

¿ Which LMS is the best for my training platform?

There are a wide variety of LMS platforms available and there are several things to keep in mind when choosing one. It is important that you study the different options that are offered to you according to the needs of your business and project and the budget you have.

Even so, to find a good training management platform, it is important that it meets these functionalities:


  • Being able to customize the appearance of the school according to your brand

  • Create and manage courses (materials, registrations, editions ...)

  • Manage users (activity tracking)

  • Include ecommerce tools (to sell courses)

  • Include measurement tools to generate reports about your online school

  • Include marketing tools to communicate and promote your courses (email, banners, coupons ...)

  • Integrations with other platforms (such as payment, other training platforms ...)



FoxizeCloud is one of the platforms that meets all these requirements. In addition, you can count on the support of our team to advise you during the creation process.


First step: Customize your training platform

Once you have chosen the LMS platform to upload your courses, the first thing you should do is customize the look and feel of your online school so that it reflects the branding of your brand. 

 In Foxize Cloud you can upload your logo and favicon, use the corporate colors of your business, modify the text of the platform and the images to reflect your voice. 

 Don't forget to customize your school's domain and the sender email, with which your users can contact in case of doubts. 


Second step: Choose what type of online school it will be (ecommerce - free - intranet ...)


If you want your online school to be your new line of business, the most convenient thing is to create an ecommerce training platform that includes a payment gateway (although this does not exclude that you can offer free courses) and open so that everyone can access your catalog of courses and assess the training offer you offer. 

 On the other hand, if the main objective of your platform is to finalize your clients or train your team, perhaps the best option is to create a school with free and even private courses. That is, create an Intranet with exclusive access to people with a specific email ending. Thus, only these people will have access to your course catalog.


Third step: Decide what topics you will teach

Surely, if you want to create your online school, you will already know what topics you will teach the courses on. Will it be general training that covers a large audience or training on very specific topics aimed at a small market niche? 

 It is important to decide and that it is reflected in your training platform so that your target users find it easier to find what they need.


Step Four: Start uploading your courses and managing them

Once the platform is configured, it is time to start uploading your first courses. Foxize Cloud allows you to manage both online and face-to-face courses from the same platform. 

From the backoffice of your LMS platform you can create your course and upload material (videos, downloads, tests, exercises, SCORM ...).  In this guide we explain how to upload your first online course in Foxize Cloud.


If you have not yet created a training plan, this is the time to think about it. We have a series of blog posts where we explain how to make a course sheethow to record elearning videos and other tips to produce your courses.

With your LMS platform, you will be able to manage all the registrations and measure the results of each course based on the number of participants, grades, evaluations, comments... Everything you need to control the success of your online school. 



Fifth step: Create tests to measure the knowledge of your users 

You can go a step further in your training and offer tests to your users so that they can measure and have a report on their level of knowledge in different areas. In this way, and thanks to the Foxize Cloud algorithm, you can recommend personalized courses based on their results. 


In this guide we explain how to create a diagnostic test. 


Step six: create training projects for other companies

For 73% of the companies interviewed in a Gyro: Madrid study, training is one of the most important policies to be followed by the HR department, and according to Linkedin, 73% of talent development teams use external content to train To him eployees.

So if, in addition to having your own online school, you also want to give training to other companies, you can always create training projects from your LMS Foxize Cloud platform.