In order to integrate your Zoom online seminar, it is necessary to obtain some keys that will authorize the connection between your training platform and Zoom.

To get these two keys (API Key and API Secret) you must follow these steps.

  1. Log in with your zoom account to and click on the “Develop” button to be able to select the “Build App” option.

  1. A new window will open with different types of Apps. Select “JWT” and click “Create”.

  1. In order to obtain the keys, you must first enter the basic information about your company. When you’re ready, click on “Continue” or “App credentials”.

  1. In the “App Credentials” section you will find the necessary keys to link Zoom with your online school.

  1. Copy the keys and enter them in the Zoom Webinars option in the Settings > Training and complements section.

  • Public Key: API Key

  • Private Key: API Secret

You already have your Zoom account linked to your training platform.

Create a Zoom webinar for your online courses

Now that you have linked your training platform with Zoom, you can embed your Zoom webinar player in the course materials. In this way, it will not be necessary to your students to leave your online school to receive the training.

The first thing you should do is to schedule a new webinar or meeting from your Zoom profile. Give it a name, a date, the duration and the pertinent information that you think is necessary.

It is important to determine the duration of the webinar, as this is how we calculate the student’s progress in the course. The webinar material will not be considered completed until the user has viewed 75% of it. This is important because in the case of being a sequential course, if the student has not completed the material, they will not be able to finish the course, comment or rate it.

You must select what type it is (webinar or meeting) and enter the URL of the identifier of the webinar that Zoom provides you. You will find it in the list of scheduled meetings in your Zoom profile.

When a user signs up for your online course, they will see the Zoom player embedded in the materials.

In the case of meetings, it is important that users do not change their name in Zoom and that they keep their email. This is because we link this data with the course inscriptions. If the email is changed, it will not be possible to know if that person was connected or for how long.

In addition, from the backoffice you will be able to access all the relevant data of the course, number of inscriptions, progress… As well as the data of the webinar about who has attended and for how long.